Improving your running has just got a lot easier!
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Running Coach and Athlete

Being coached has never been so Easy!
Just hit Start and Run

Our coached training sessions will take you through warming up, drills, speed reps, recoveries and a cool down.
And you don't need to remember any of it, your watch will let you know exactly what to do throughout the session.

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Avoid Injury

Sadly left to their own devices most runners get injured at some point. To improve your running, you'll need to be able to train consistently without getting injured. Learn to warm up, drill and cool down to minimise injuries.

Improve your Pace

Training at the right pace and effort level will maximise how much of your session will convert into improved pace and endurance. Our sessions are designed by experienced run coaches, so that you can get this right.

Just hit Start and Run!

Training has never been so easy! All you need to do is follow the prompts and beeps on your watch. No need to remember reps, recoveries, how many intervals have I got left? It's all in your watch!

What level of Runner do I need to be?

The short answer is ANY type of runner. Our sessions are customised to fit your running profile.

New Runner

Minimise Injury
Learn Good Run Form
Improve your strength and range

Build great running foundations

Intermediate Runner

Build your fitness

Improve speed
Further develop your form

Increase intensity at the correct rate

Competing Athlete

Fine tune your running

Work on your weaker areas

Build intensity in the correct zones

Train to run even faster!

Running Drills Video

Register Now and get our Pro Drills Video totally FREE

Learn how to avoid injury and dramatically improve your run form with our pro drill set used by athletes.

Your running will visibly improve in no time!

Running Drills Video

Register Now and get our Pro Drills Video totally FREE

Learn how to avoid injury and dramatically improve your run form with our pro drill set used by competing athletes. 

Your running will visibly improve in no time!

What do VRunners say?

K Nutall
"I now do stretches, drills and a proper cool down. Before I'd just go out of my front door and run, followed by several pulls and injuries. The training sessions are challenging and push me out of my comfort zone. I have now fallen in love with running, and I can't wait for the next session. I've also seen a huge improvement in my times, and I'm even enjoying running on the treadmill ๐Ÿ‘"

"I can't wait for the next session!"

J Heys

"I'd lost my motivation for running, but with VRun the structure and variety makes it fun! For me, I love the short/speed intervals, but then there's the more challenging longer runs that I'd normally avoid... but following VRun motivates me to do it! The drills have improved my technique and I'm seeing my pace per km improve quickly too ๐Ÿ˜€"

M Cropper

"I've been looking for more structure for my running sessions, rather than just running 5 to 10k. I enjoy the variety the sessions give me, and they're also easy to follow and understand. My pace times are getting faster and I'm becoming more aware of my pace control. 100% give them a try, it will boost any training you're doing"

Our sessions also include  access to one of our global Run Challenges

Take a run challenge from anywhere in the world. Just press Start on your watch and Run

How does it work?

1. Register your Runner Details

We just need a little information to customise your run sessions and how to let you know when your next session is ready.

2. Connect your watch

Connect to our app on on Garmin Connect. It just takes a few seconds and we'll show you how.

3. Sync, Start and Run

Once connected, we'll send your sessions to your Garmin Calendar on your preferred run days and then all you need to do is sync.

Let's go VRunning!